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Fanrock is the best way to scale your e-commerce business

Unlock your entire product catalog

Fanrock's social marketing platform helps online stores automatically launch and manage highly-targeted ads across their entire product catalog, from bestsellers to the long tail.

Skyrocket your Online Sales

Fanrock leverages human insight combined with ad management technology to deliver the highest ROI.

Advertising Technology

Our proprietary technology delivers automatic ad creation and optimization and real-time insights with workflow efficiencies that are unique to our customers.

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Human Insights

Our team of engineers, product managers, and designers provide expert media buying, data-driven creative, and custom integrations.

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Advanced Advertising Features

Get an unfair advantage with these features only available to the most sophisticated marketers.

Realtime ROI Tracking

Track real-time e-commerce sales metrics together with your Facebook Ads so you can run your business in one screen.

Detailed Reports

Our reports cover you at every level of detail, whether you want to dive deep into one campaign or see your entire business at a glance.

Bulk Ad Creation

Create hundreds of ads at once with our spreadsheet-based bulk ad creator. Or, connect your online store account for dynamic, auto-generated ads.

Smart Budget Allocation

Use our algorithms to automatically allocate higher budgets to the best performing ad sets.

Bulk Interests Search

Find hundreds of interests related to your search term. Stop searching one-by-one.

Rules & Dayparting

Adjust budgets or activate/pause ads based on simple rules on ad performance or time of day.

Ready to boost your sales?

E-commerce companies offer thousands of SKUs, each with a unique buyer audience. Fanrock identifies a unique audience for each product and targets the most likely buyers with a personalized ad on social media.

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